Whether it is a big industry giant or a start-up, employees now have a platform to share their experiences and voice their opinions about their employers without any fear anonymously on InsiderLook.co. This website is gaining popularity among employees, job seekers and even employers because of its unbiased reviews. It provides employees a chance to post reviews about the company they are working for or have worked for and share other insider information that others don’t know about such as employee appraisals, salary packages and bonus distributions.

Win-Win for All

Where company reviews have helped job hunters gain insights about different companies across industries, it has also helped employers learn what their employees have to say which usually they don’t due to fear of management..

Many companies have found unbiased reviews posted on InsideLook.co quite informative, valuable and revealing. They are using both negative and positive reviews on this site to their advantage to improve their work culture for more employee job satisfaction and to reduce their turnover ratio.

Company Reviews Posted By Employees- Insights for Employers

Company reviews on this site are very detailed. It includes vital information regarding the company, supervisors, bosses, HR salaries, benefits and co-workers. Simply put, it gives employees a platform to talk about the company and its different aspects in detail.

Since their identities are hidden, they feel more confident and secure to talk about everything at work even the things that they don’t discuss with their co-workers because they fear that they might share it with others. Through this platform they are given a chance to talk about their employer with sheer honesty without thinking of the consequences.

Employees get a chance to share both their grievances and positives about the company. Having realized the popularity and transparency this website offers, employers have also jumped on the bandwagon. These valuable insights allow them to address different problems and issues that their employees were concerned with. This not only allowed them to reduce their turnover rate but also increase employee morale at the same time.


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