EmployeeUnlike the past, job seekers and short-listed candidates are now in the position to land preferred jobs and negotiate salary packages and perks skillfully with potential employers. All thanks to websites like InsideLook.co.

This is an emerging career community website that is growing increasingly popular among employees, employers and job hunters. This website provides a platform to current and former employees across diverse industries and allows them to share their valuable workplace experiences via unbiased reviews about their workplace, supervisors, co-workers, HR, salary packages and bonus distribution methods.

Their company reviews have benefitted thousands of job hunters and helped them make better and wise job choices. Here’s how:

1.    Provide Inside Scoop

‘All that glitters is not gold’; likewise even the best looking companies may not be the best choice for some job seekers. Only the employees working for those companies know about the actual work environment. This is what company reviews offer to readers.

These reviews provide the inside scoop about companies, their working style, ethics, salary packages, signing bonuses and much more. This insider information helps job seekers develop a good understanding of the company they are interested in and based on that, decide whether or not to apply or accept the job offer.

2.    Get to Know What Type of Questions are Asked by Hiring Managers

Another benefit of joining this platform is that site visitors can get a ‘sneak peek’ of interview questions that hiring managers typically ask. These are often shared in company reviews by both current and former employees. Knowing what questions hiring managers are likely to ask, short-listed candidates can go well-prepared and tackle tricky and situation based questions that demand spontaneous and impressive answers with sheer confidence.

3.    Negotiate Better and Confidently

By reading the reviews posted on such websites, potential job seekers also learn about salary packages and perks and thus get a clear idea of how much to expect from certain job positions from the companies in question and what perks to look for and demand. Since they are well-informed it puts them in a better position to negotiate compensation packages, travel perks and sometimes even stock options.

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